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It is expected that all students would have studied three languages upto Class VIII hence it is compulsory for all students to study a third language from Std. V to Vlll. Those students who do not clear the third language in Class Vlll and have been promoted to Class IX (in exceptional cases) shall be examined by the school at the end of Class IX in the same syllabus and text books as prescribed for class Vlll. Those who are still unable to clear the third language at the end of Class IX may be given another opportunity in Class X (this will be entirely at the discretion of the Principal) No student shall be eligible to appear at the Secondary School Examination of the C.B.S.E. at the end of Class X unless he/she has cleared the third language English and Hindi must be two of the three languages offered as stated in note (i) above The languages that can be offered : 1st language – English 2nd Language – Hindi and Third Language – Sanskrit

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