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General Condition

On their way to and from school, students are expected to conduct themselves in a becoming manner and cognizance will be taken of all irregular conduct. Students are responsible to the school authorities for their conduct and good behaviour both in and outside the school.

Parents are earnestly requested not to call to see their wards during class hours, this has a disturbing effect on the children and such request will not be entertained. In all cases of absence of students from school, a written explanation must be sent to the Principal signed by the Parents and no other relative.

Progress reports will be sent to parents at regular intervals.

Students who do not sit for the final examination or who fail to reach the required standard there in will not be promoted on any account.

The Managers, acting through the Principal reserve to themselves the right of resigning the charge of any student for whose correction the ordinary means are in their judgement, found ineffectual, Continued idleness, used of bad language, chewing of pan masala / any form of intoxicants or drugs, damaging school property etc. and particularly any offences against honesty or morality, will expose the offender to immediate removal / rustication.

Students without school uniform are not allowed to attend their classes.

English which is the medium of instruction in the school should be used at all times in school premises.

Parents are expected to co-operate with the school authorities by enforcing regularity, punctuality, cleanliness and a sense of discipline in their children. Parents must attend the parent teacher meeting to keep a track of their ward's academic record in school.

The school is not responsible for the loss of anything from the student, but any loss should be reported to the Principal/Class teacher immediately.

Students will have to make good any damage done to the school property.

Parents/Guardians should look into the report by the Principal/Teachers and sign them.

Parents/Guardians or any visitors are forbidden to visit the classes and talk to the teachers or students during class hours without the written permission of the principal. No students will be permitted to leave the school premises during the recess/tiffin break, or during school hours.

Guardians who choose to reach and collect theirs wards before and after school hours be in time to see that their wards reach the institution before the commencement of class and in time to collect their wards after school hours failing which the institution cannot be held responsible.

Repeated absence without leave or unexplained absence for more than fifteen days renders the student liable to withdrawal from school. Re-admission can be granted after paying the full dues, including Re-admission charge. The might to admission is reserved with the school management.

A fine of Rs.10.00 per day will be levied on those who absent themselves without leave. A child returning to school after any infectious or contagious disease should produce a doctor's certificate permitting him/her to attend school.

Students are expected to adhere to the school calendar regarding school holidays. It is imperative for the steady progress of each child that he/she be present in school every day. His/Her presence before and immediately after the regular holidays.

Students who come to school by their own transport should arrive at the school five minutes before the warning bell. The warning bell before class is a signal for all to go to the assembly. After the assembly, they should go to their classroom, get their books ready in silence, and prepare for the beginning of class. Changes of Classrooms between periods should be done in discipline and order. When teacher enter and leave the classrooms, students are to stand and greet them in the customary way and give them proper attention and respect.

Students who come to school in the care of domestic workers should never leave school before the workers arrive to take them home. Those who go home alone, particularly those who stay for activities, should not loiter on the way but be prompt in returning home.

Students are expected to take good care of their books and personal belongings. Valuable articles may not be brought to school. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen goods. However any loss incurred should be reported to the Principal/Class Teacher.

Care must be taken of school property and restitution made for damaged articles. Students are forbidden to scratch or write on furniture, walls, or windows or to write in library books or other school or magazines or spoil them in any deliberate way.

Students are encouraged to join the various activities of the school. They must be regular in attending the activity once they have given in their names.

Any student desiring to be exempted from P.T. or games must produce a doctor's certificate to the effect that she/he is physically unfit to take part.

No students should be sent to school if suffering from a contagious or infections disease.

Students should only bring to school their textbooks. Other books or magazines, if thought to be useful, may be brought only with the approval of the class teacher or principal. Magazines and books (other than text or library books) will be confiscated and disposed of the same applies to videos, audio-cassettes, and CD's. Students may not offer presents to their teachers except in those circumstances sanctioned by the principal.

Every student should carry the school diary daily.

No students are entitled to enter the class unless she is clean and neatly dressed in the school uniform.

Students should bring their tiffin with them in the morning. Parents are requested not to disturb the office staff in this connection.

The date of birth of a student as recorder in the admission register cannot be changed.

It is mandatory for every child to wear the identity card provided regularly.

The school will not be responsible for children using the yellow card (children commuting to school on their own).

In case any student is suffering from any heart ailment/ diabetes/Epilepsy or any disease that could be fatal must give a fitness certificate from a registered medical practitioner starting that the students is fit to attend the classes and there is no threat to the life of the student. The school management will not be responsible if any untoward incident occurs due to any unforeseen circumstances.

All students who make use of the school conveyance must have a conveyance /bus card and must bring it to school daily. To meet the requirements of the students the school operates its own buses and also hires some buses.

Though the staff including drivers are experienced, but in case of any mishap or accident the school management/principal will not be responsible for the same. Parents must be present at the allotted bus-stops to pick up and drop their wards to and from their homes.

Students are forbidden to throw objects of any kind inside or outside the bus. Unruly behaviour like shrieking or shouting is strictly forbidden.

All rules and regulations will be applicable as per CBSE norms.

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